How You Can Exercise Legal Rights Effectively


Today, laws and legal rights are more complicated than ever.  Although our law allows for legal equality between people of all economic standings, that is simply not a reality for everyone.  If you are ever in a legal predicament, it’s important to just remember a few things in order to protect yourself.

  • You have a right to silence, and you should absolutely exercise it.  Anything you say will only make things worse, or complicate a potential defense of you.  So the solution is pretty simple: say absolutely nothing.  Remain silent is a legal right, but also legal advice. 
  • You have a right to a lawyer, and regardless of how guilty or innocent you are, you should get one.  Lawyers are fantastic for a lot of situations, but none more so than this.  If you have been arrested and are being questioned, remain silent and make sure that your request for a lawyer is immediately recorded.  Don’t let the police insinuate that if you get a lawyer, it will make your case worse or means your guilty.  It means neither.  Ultimately, the prosecutor is the one that will decide whether your case is strong enough to consider prosecuting or not.  If you have a lawyer and a solid defense prepared, then it increases the chance your case will drop before it even starts.
  • If you can’t afford a lawyer, there are tons of resources available.  You may be entitled to a public attorney depending on your income.  However, look online even if you do not qualify.  There are tons of legal aid services out there that aim to make lawyers for affordable for people like yourself.  There may be organizations in your it that can help you, or there might be an organization that will offer support because of your individual case.  Just remember that you have options to make sure you get a proper defense.